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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Family response to Combs notes questions

A few days ago I posted a transcription of a note I found that my grandmother Combs had written.  You can read it here. I wrote out to the Combs family email list to see if anyone had any ideas.  Yep, there were.

In a reply from one of the members I received this link to learn more about him and his family.  Who, by the way, are not part of mine as far as I know.  Bummer.

It looks like grandma was making notes from the book she had on the Combs family genealogy.  She made some assumptions about our line based on his findings, but I am certain that we are not from the "8 Combs Brothers" that this John Combs is a part of.

Oh well...

photo credit: VinothChandar via photo pin cc

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