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Friday, July 13, 2012

Continuing the Bennett discoveries: the next family tree first post is up

Bird's Eye View of Hartford, Conn.I don't know about you, but when I start looking up a family I can't just look at the one person I started researching. My focus tends to widen as I find siblings, cousins, in laws, and everyone in between. That is why this latest post was an organic growth out the George Bennett post from two weeks ago.

His mother-in-law was Annie C. Taylor, wife to Benjamin Taylor. I have spoke about the Taylor's on this blog before. Annie intrigued me as she was the daughter of Danish immigrants. I honestly didn't think it would take very long to find her. Not the year that I have been searching for her maiden name. However, I am sure there are some maternal lines that I will never solve, so I will count my lucky stars on this one.

The best part is the new contact I made. I have connected with the couple that now lives in the house Ruby Taylor Bennett grew up in. How cool is that! The gentleman who lives there even knew Ruby's younger sister Ruth. They were friends, until her death a few years ago, and she filled them in on a lot of the property's history. Best of all, he sent me pictures of the house. I would never have dreamed something like that would happen and it made me realize, that once again, there are wonderful people out there in this crazy world.

Originally built in 1797 by Elijah Porter, Benjamin and Annie moved into their farm house in the 1890s. Their children were born there. Family gatherings occurred for both joyous and sad occasions. My husband's family is just in awe that we found it, that it is still there (mostly the same in appearance), and that we now have images to connect with these people.

Next goal: to connect with Ruth's children and see if we can share some photographs or other family memorabilia. Wouldn't that be grand?

Image from the Library of Congress:  Hartford, Connecticut Court House winter 1916

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