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Monday, April 9, 2012

Things I should be getting around to...

Last week the trees in our area decided that breathing was optional for me and my husband, and proceeded to coat everything outside in yellow.  My navy blue car is now yellow.  I can’t touch the deck with having swaths of yellow on me.  This week is my children’s spring break and having two parents that are hacking, coughing, and sneezing their brains out is cramping their style.  They don’t quite get, yet, why we are so miserable.  However, it has given me plenty of opportunities to think, and meditate in a medication induce stupor, on what I am going to be doing genealogy wise over the next few weeks.  

I have nearly a dozen letters from my mother-in-law and her family that I have promised to transcribe and post so that others in the family can read them too.  This is a project that I have been sitting on since December and I really need to get off my tail and finish it. 

Then there is the next installment of “clean up my database” that needs to happen.  I finally recovered all my missing images, but now it seems that I have two, three, and even four copies of the same images in people’s files.  Jeesh, whoever knew technology could be so frustrating!  It looks like I have going to have to go person by person and make sure that each image folder for them is correct.  Next on the to-do list: fixing all the citations.

My dad finally got the DNA testing submitted and it is being processed now.  This is the process that started last fall, and due to some hiccups with the company being bought, the original test was lost.  He and I are both anxiously waiting to hear what it has to say.  When the results come back (estimated as June 1) I am going to go through them with the Combs & Families DNA database person to see if we have any hits.  There is a possibility of confirming our suspected line to a William Combs who settled in Virginia.

I think this list of items should keep me fairly busy for the next month.

*Image: Robert S. Donovan via photopin cc

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