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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From Niece to Uncle Swanville Maine 1936

Letter from Margaret (?)  to Phillip Greeley
Owned by my mother-in-law

Swanville Maine,
Oct 23, 1936

Dear Uncle Philip,

I have been intending to let you know for the last two weeks that Goose R cranberries simply are not this year.  No one along the river has had more than half a bushel and someone stole most of them at that. (this pen is simply devilish, of course, I would forget and leave mine at the school house with a weeks vacation ahead).

State Teachers Convention is in Lewiston next week and some good fairy among the “powers that be” instigated the bright idea of giving us the whole week.  Since I am not planning to attend I really feel quite lucky.  Clyde and I had planned to drive over for a day but he suddenly changed his plans and went back to school!  Finished his Blister-Rust job Sept. 30th, and entered U of M Oct 1st as a Senior in the College of Education – Majoring in Math and Science as I heard him telling Don.  I was never more surprised in my life as I had no idea he would think of such a thing.

Don is working in Burlington Maine.  We have no notion what he is doing.  He simply had a card one day, a telephone call the next, and started the next, without waiting to find out anything further.  That is so near his old stomping ground that he will enjoy himself anyway.

We had a nice visit from Aunt Carrie but were much surprised to hear that you were not coming to Maine this year.  Somehow we had come to consider it an annual event.  Of course, it is nice to be busy but don’t you suppose you will find a little gap in the business somewhere?

Mother is flying about the smartest one of the family as always.  I felt amused the day after Aunt Carrie left.  Mother burst out all at once “that must be an awful life with no one to wait on.” And she was just as earnest about it as could be.  Aunt Carrie said it seemed as tho she was smarter than she was last year.

Lou is wrestling with field corn.  He had two acres and a splendid crop but it rains so much that he’s having a hard time to get it undercover any way but sopping wet.

My disposition (what little I have) will be everlastingly ruined if I write more with this pen.

Love to all
Niece Margaret

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