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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cousins to the Rescue!

A cousin of my mother-in-law contacted me this morning and filled me in on some information that I did not know. In the letters I published from Carrie to Maude last Friday 4/20/2012 I did not list her married name. To be honest, I didn't know it. Now I do!
Here is what was sent to me this morning:

"Just checked to see the latest on your genealogy blog and read the letters from Carrie to Maude. Carrie's married name was Bradford. She married Horace Bradford, born in 1841 (and so quite a bit older than she). He was supposedly a descendant of William Bradford of Plymouth Colony. His parents were Alexander and Charlotte Bradford. Carrie's middle name was Philena (after her grandmother, I suppose) and she was a chiropractor in the Concord, New Hampshire, area."

Carrie's maternal grandparents were Philena Brown and James Cunningham from Waldo County, Maine.  He was a ship captain who was given his first schooner by his uncle (a Nickerson from Chatham, Mass) and was sailing around the world by the time he was 18.

*Image: Linda Cronin via photo pin cc

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