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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Charles Greely to Maude Crabb 1903

Letter from Charles Greely, Sr to his daughter
Frances Maude Greely Crabb
Pioneer Washinton
Owned by my mother-in-law

Mar 16, 1903

My Dear Daughter

So you think you are feeling lazy.  Well if you feel that way, you had better be that for a while and let the work go.  If you take life easy now for a while it may make lots of difference as to your health in the future.  You are like the rest of the Greelys too much on the work to last long.

I ordered the harrow(?) and it went along from Wade and leo last Friday 3/13.  Let me know if you get it all right.

We had unusually fine weather in Feb. and lots of seed was put in the ground but since then we have been having rain with snow in the foot hills and some here last night the ground froze some and everyone is afraid their seed will rot in the ground.  We got 30 acres seeded.  It will be a long time coming up but I think it will be all right.  This morning Charley boy has gone to Farris Mill for a load of lumber.  When he gets back we are going to put a ton of loose hay down to Jon Eastman.

Charley boy has a bad cold and it has been hanging onto him for a month or more.  Carl is well only he is having a time with his teeth.  I have been trying for a year or more to get him to have them filled and fixed up but he is not like you and Charley boy he does not seem to care much about doing as I would like him to.  Gramma and Jossie(?) are at the washing today.

I think John has done well in taking Chester for a partner.

The mail is here and I will have to quit.

Your affectionate

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