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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Women's History Month: Fearless Females

Blogging prompts seem to be the only way I can carve out time to write any more.  The repairs on my house have finally been completed (painting, drywall work, and new hardwood floors), but there is a lot left to do to get it back in order.  That leaves a return to my research at least a week or so off.  However, since I do the computer / email / social media thing over my cup of tea every morning, that is a perfect opportunity to write!

For the third year Lisa Alzo, The Accidental Genealogist, has created 31 blog prompts for the month of March in honor of National Women's History Month.  This is a great way for me to explore my female ancestors and get some family history writing done all in one go.  I have read over all the prompts, and I know right now there will be some tough ones to answer.  It may end up that I have to put those topics off to the end of the month after I do some digging and phone calling.

So, once again, sit back and enjoy the read!  My first post on this subject will be up after bed time tonight.  (i.e. the next opportunity that I will have to sit and put my feet up.)

*Image: Library of Congress Agnes Lee, standing, with arm around older daughter, (Agnes Lee), seated, reading newspaper(?) on lap

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