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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 12 of Abundant Genealogy

Week 12 - Podcasts make it easy to learn about genealogy on the go. Which podcast is your favorite? Who hosts it and how has that person, pair or group helped your family history research?

The very first podcast I ever listened to was a genealogy podcast.  I was just starting into this obsession, ahem, hobby, and a good friend of mine told me I should check out the Genealogy Gems Podcast by Lisa Louise Cooke.  After I got over the fear of downloading it from iTunes, and figured out how it all worked, I fell in love with it. 

She has such a warm welcoming tone, talked right at my level, and made the hour so much fun!  Very quickly I discovered her other podcasts (Family History Made Easy and Family Tree Magazine) and began listening to them as well.  Heck, she gave me the courage to start this blog, taught me how to do it, and look at what I have done with it.

From there I have branched out into several other shows, each bringing their own flavor to the world of genealogy.  I have to admit, for a busy mom who lives out of her car, this is a great alternative to the radio!  It is compact easy learning while I am out and about.  Yes jotting down a bit of information while you drive is not a good thing, but all I have to do to find it again is rewind or look at show notes.

*Image: Colleen AF Venable via photopin cc

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