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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fearless Females: Tender Moments

Describe a tender moment one of your female ancestors shared with you or another family member.

My mom started medical school when I was eight years old, which meant I did not really see her again until I was a Senior in High School and she was the Senior Resident.  The few moments when she was able to have down time from school, or the rare vacation, she would try to make the most of the moment by being with dad and me.  That was a struggle, by the way, as I am sure should really would have rather been in bed sleeping. 

Downtime with my mom usually involved school in some way.  I get my persnickety perfectionist tendencies from her.  My favorite moments growing up were when she would work with me on school projects.  The most memorable of all was when I had an assignment to create a pressed plant journal for biology.   We spent an afternoon traipsing through the countryside of El Paso, Texas collecting the best specimens.  She helped me press them using her medical texts (as those were the biggest books in the house), and a few weeks later we spent another afternoon mounting them.  It was the longest amount of time I had spent with my mom in years.  Plus, I got the only 100% in the class, and I still have the album.

*Image: garlandcannon via photopin cc

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