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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week 4 of Abundant Genealogy

Week #4 – Free Offline Genealogy Tools: For which free offline genealogy tool are you most grateful? How did you find this tool and how has it benefitted your genealogy? Describe to others how to access this tool and spread the genealogy love.
Family, plain and simple.  They tell you the most wonderful things, help you uncover history you never dreamed of, and give you stuff they don’t want anymore.  Without them you wouldn’t have a family to research and do genealogy studies of! 

I am shy, and reserved which makes it very difficult for me to just pick up the phone and call people.  Even contacting my aunts and uncles that I have known all of my life on occasion seems like a daunting task.  The butterflies in the tummy never go away, but I realize that if I don’t take that initiative and call the answers will never be found.  Too many missed opportunities have already happened, no more are going to be allowed to pass without a fight.

So take a moment and thank your lucky stars for the family you have.  Then go grab a notebook, pen, recorder (video or audio) and talk to your relatives before it is too late!  Maybe they will give you a box of stuff as a “favor!”

photo credit: zen via photopin cc


  1. I love your telephone photo! It reminds me of one we had in our kitchen when I was growing up.

  2. Me too! I just loved it when I found it, reminded me of my childhood home. The one phone was in the kitchen, it was a rotary and we had party line. My kids don't understand it at all.