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Monday, January 30, 2012

Part 3 of 4 from Family Tree Firsts

I wanted to let everyone know that my next post on Family Tree Firsts is up!  Not much of a back story to add, I think I actually covered it all in my short and sweet post. 

One thing I will add is I am always asked about why I call irises "flags."  To be honest... I didn't know the flowers weren't called flags until I was in college.  Everyone I knew called them flags.  Thanks to Wikipedia I learned that the bearded irises are also known was flags!  YAY, I am not crazy! 

I would love to know if anyone out there has a term they use no one else does!

*Image by: Koshyk


  1. I grew up in Illinois, where my grandmother always called irises "blue flags". I'm enjoying your blog and your links to other blogs.

    1. YAY! Someone else not from my hometown who called them that. I must go and tell the hubby!

      Thanks for the words of praise, too. Glad you like what you read.

  2. My family has a term for when you have so much sunscreen on your skin that it will not rub in and you are all white. We say you are Mabel-ed. Everyone always looks at me funny when I say it.

    We were at the Washington Monument with my Dad's Aunt Mabel. Mabel was at least in her late 70's at the time. She put enough sunscreen on her face for all of us to use. It was hilarious and stuck.

    Thanks for reminding me of such a great memory!

    1. Oh you are welcome! That was a fantastic story, thanks for sharing.

      Sometimes I sit down to write and I will bring up the most unusual memories. Write it down before you forget!!