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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Genealogical Serendipity, Edward Harvin not Arvin was the name

My post at Family Tree Firsts has had me in a correspondence flurry with two new found “cousins” on my Arvin side.  I have been reading and researching since last night and have a feeling that my skimming is going to be replaced by a very thorough reading of the Arvin Biographical Website. 

First, a gentleman named Tim Arvin left me a comment on my post that led me to see that my suspected ancestor Edward Darnell ARVIN has a Revolutionary War Pension file under Edward HARVIN.  Sure thing, I found it on Fold3.  His file number is S18014 if you would like to go check it out for yourself.  The description of his four years as a soldier and the accounts of the battles he fought in were very impressive.  On the Loudoun County USGEN website the transcription is listed under Revolutionary War Pension Records.  You can view his here.   The Map at right is Loudoun County in the early 1860's.

After that I knew I had to find the gentleman who wrote these webpages.  His name and copyright information was listed at the bottom, but no email or contact information that I could find.  I was very lucky that the Google-Fu was with me last night and one search later I found him on a rootsweb forum and sent him an email.  Excited is not a descriptive enough word for how it felt!

Bob and I have corresponded today, and I hope to pick his brain some more in the future when I have stumbling blocks.  He even pointed out to me that there is a picture of my 3rd great grandfather Augustine Arvin with his oldest son on the website, taken at Rutherford Township, Martin County, Indiana.  You can check it out here.  Plus, he gave me the tip that the original application for benefits he made is in the basement of the Loudoun County Courthouse. 

Looking over his pages again, I saw many images from my past.  The St. Martin Parish Church has seen many Arvin / Armstrong reunions in the past 2 decades.  My dad's younger brother even lives behind the church about 1 mile, my grandmother lived about 5 miles south on US 231.  Makes me want to go home for a visit.

Loudoun County is just under 2 hours from me… if I find a sitter I can make it up there and back between the time I drop my oldest off to school and have to pick him up again!

*Image:  Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division. Loudoun County, Virginia [186-?].


  1. Wow -- Augustine was my great 3x grandfather. My line goes thru to Pius Arvin marrying Lucinda Clements - their daughter Myrtle marrying Joseph Lythgoe -- their daughter Eloise marrying Carl Gates == and their daughter Patricia is my mother. Just getting into the Arvin family research. Will be glad to share but I am sure you have most of what I have researched. email -

    1. Nice to meet you! I will email you and see how we can help each other. You never know what one person has that you don't.