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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Found a grave at

I spent the afternoon (unintentionally) going through the posts at  It started off simply enough.  I found a record with a conflicting death date for a relative, which lead me to track down my sources for the date I already had.  (See, there is a reason for good book keeping!)  One of the sources was find a grave, so with a click of a button off I went.
If you have never been out to find a grave it is an interesting place.   People, out of the goodness of their hearts, post information and sometimes images, from tombstones at cemeteries all over the world.  You can send in updates, and edit information on there too.  As always, this is a secondary source, but it can give you lots of interesting clues and starting points to finding those long sought after primary docs.

As for my case….someone has done a lot of updating on one cemetery that I have connections too.  Even adding comment notes with corrections that have supporting evidence as to why things should be changed.  Jump up and do the happy dance don’t you know!

This post mainly concerns the Combs family line for me….but never fear, I am sure I will have other lines to update with this site too.  The 21 Interments at the Combs Family Cemetery, Buena Vista, Monroe County, Indiana, USA:

Name                               How related to me
Andrew Brassfiled            4th great-grand uncle
Ellen S Brassfield               Andrew’s Daughter in law
Jesse Brassfield                 5th great-grandfather
Lottie D Brassfield            Andrew’s grand-daughter
Mary Parham/Parkham Combs Brassfiled      Andrew’s Wife (could she also be a combs relation??)
Mary Pritchard Reavis Brassfield                 5th great-grandmother
Susan Hold(?) Brassfiled                 unknown relation
Abigail reavis Brassfield Combs    4th great-grandmother
Byrd Combs                       4th great-grand uncle
Chas “Boy” Combs, Jr      3rd great-grand uncle
Chas Monroe Combs       2nd  great-grand uncle
Franklin W. Combs           1st cousin 4xremoved (son of Silas)
Galin Combs                      3rd great-grand uncle
Infant Combs                     1st cousin 4x removed
James M Combs                2nd great-grand uncle
Mary McG(?) Combs        Wife of Silas (pretty sure this is Mary Ann McLaughlin Combs)
Pleasant Combs                1st cousin 4x removed (Son of Silas)
Robert Combs                   1st cousin 4x removed (Son of Silas)
Robert Combs                   1st cousin 4x removed (son of Charles Boy)
Silas Combs                        3rd great-grand uncle

There are a lot of old cemetaries around me.....I think I may "inventory" a couple and help out some other genealogist out there....but I think I will wait until it is a bit warmer.

*This picture is from Find a Grave of the Combs Family Cemetary in Buena Vista Indiana.  Uploaded to the site by Tony Jefferies on 5 April 2011.

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