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Titles, Awards and Press

                            photo credit: Mark J P via photopin cc

Family Tree Firsts Blogger
I served as the second Family Tree Firsts Blogger through Family Tree University.  My first post was published December 2011, and there was at least 1 per week over the next year.  Click Family Tree Firsts in the labels section of this blog to read all the posts.

1940 US Census Ambassador
I did my part for the promotion of the 1940 US Census.  It was an amazing experience and I was so happy to be an ambassador for the project.  You can read my posts under 1940 Ambassador and other 1940 labels.  The indexers did an amazing job at getting the census out in record time!

Family Tree Magazine: Spotlight
In the May/June 2012 issue of Family Tree Magazine I am in a feature called "5 Questions With..." This is a column by the Family Tree Magazine, Diane Haddad, where each issue they feature a member of the genealogy community.

Armchair Genealogist
On October 5, 2012 The Armchair Genealogist   published a piece I wrote about “The Moment I Knew.” It is part of her series called “Everyone has a Story” and you can read past posts, from other bloggers, there too.

In-Depth Genealogist: Contributing Writer
In January 2013 I was pleased to start writing a monthly Lineage Society Column and Technology Blog for this online magazine.  

Ambassador FGS 2013 Conference Fort Wayne, Indiana 
I signed up to be an ambassador for the FGS conference this year.  It was a great time and I will do this any time I am able in the future. I met so many wonderful people, learned so much, plus had a great time doing it. Hope you all enjoyed my tweets and posts before, during, and after the conference.

Honorable Mention: 2013 Excellence-in-Writing Competition (ISFHWE)
I received an honorable mention from this organization for the article I wrote in Family Tree Magazine.  To say I was shocked and surprised would be an understatement.  This was a big honor for me to receive my certificate at FGS this past August.

The National Institute of Genealogical Studies: Student Blogger
In October of 2013 I began taking courses through The Institute working to my PLCGS.  In addition to being a student I am also blogging about the classes I am taking to help educate others about the institute.

National Genealogical Society Guest Blogger
I was pleased to write several guest blog posts for the NGS Up-Front blog starting in 2013.  Most topics were on education but several were on bring up youth in genealogy.

National Genealogical Society Social Media Press: Richmond, VA
In May of 2014 I was pleased to serve as a member of the social media corp for the NGS conference held in Richmond, VA.  I also volunteered as a room monitor for the event.  An activity that I encourage everyone to try and do if they can in the future.

Honorable Mention: 2014 Excellence-in-Writing Competition (ISFHWE)
I received an honorable mention from this organization for my column in the Going In-Depth e-zine titled “Getting You Pointed in the Right Direction" which was published in the “Society Pages” December 2013.

Creative Director - The In-Depth Genealogist 
In October 2014 I accepted the role of Creative Director for The In-Depth Genealogist.  As Creative Director I am in responsible for the "ideas" and flow of the IDG.   I create: consistency through the brand on all platforms, generate ideas and leads for brand, bring in new writers and oversee the educational platforms.

National Genealogical Society Social Media Press: St. Charles, MO
In May of 2015 I was pleased to serve as a member of the social media corp for the NGS conference held in St. Charles, MO.  I wrote blog posts, tweeted my fingers off and had a great time promoting the event and activities.